Hand job 3: Femme Armor

Drew the cover image for Hand Job 3: Femme Armor.   Includes this  dope Mix by Cremosa!  The issue is available for freee here or buy a gorgeous  full color 44 page  glossy version here. 


Magic Makers Queer Craft Fair

 So excited for this year's  Magic Makers queer art, craft and healing fair!   I will be vending Hex the Patriarchy, prints, handmade jewelry and accessories on  both December 3rd and 4th!   Its been amazing to be on the organizing committee of a craft fair that center the work of People of Color,  queers and  Working Class artist, crafters and healers.   We will also be collecting donation for  Indigenous Struggles at Standing Rock and locally. Find our more info about this year's fair here. 

                                                                                                                       Designed by Inés Ixierda

Hex Work Group Show

The group formerly known as DIY MFA Bay Area invites you to a visual art show exploring THE HEX as autonomous feminist magic.

We are re-imagining grassroots feminist responses to violence. Through self and community education, we are using an imagined lens: A hex as a spell for feminist autonomy and collective self defense. Each artist has explored what this means to them, presenting multiple interpretations of hexes as a vehicle for self determination, self defense, protection of self and community, transformative justice, time and place, cultural transformation, creative ways to respond to violence without using the prison system, and as a vehicle for self determination.

Please join us for the Opening October 19, 6-9pm.

With an artist Talk: October 29 2-4pm

The exhibition is at Qulture Collective October 10- Nov 1.

Bruxeria Designs @ Fabulosa

Bruxeria Designs will be at  Fabulosa this year September 15-18!   We will be offering handmade recycled bicycle chain jewelry, unique buttons, and our amazing and limited edition Hex the Patriarchy prints, shirts and bags.   Fabulosa is a woman centered fundraiser and camping party  near Yosemite with workshops, music and more. Hope to see you there! 


Ill Nippashi modeling a Hex the Patriarchy T-shirt

Pasión For Frida at Sanchez Contemporary

 I'm excited to have my  piece, "Las Dos Chingonas" included in the upcoming Pasión For Frida show at the new Sanchez Contemporary in Oakland!  This piece is a personal tribute to the influence Frida Kahlo's life and work has has on me as a queer disabled woman in reclaiming my art practice as I learn to navigate life after a  random and brutal attack that has left me with permanent injuries. 

While I have been consistently drawing and making art about my experience over the last year, I  am only starting to share it now.  So if you can, come to the opening Saturday July 23rd, 2016 5-8 pm or stop by the gallery in the next month and check it out.


Las Dos Chingonas,  Inés Ixierda, 2016.  




Qulture Collective Q-T Craft Fair

I will be vending this Wednesday, June 22 @ Qulture Collective in  Downtown Oakland with other amazing queer crafters.    In addition to screenprinted shirts and jewelry,  I will have "My Heart is With Orlando"  postcard prints for donation to benefit survivors of the Pulse Nightclub attack.  

Art and Narrative Medicine

One of my drawings will be included in the Spring 2016 issue of Intima: The Journal of Narrative Medicine!   As an artist exploring medical trauma in my work, I   deeply appreciate that there are developing practices of medicine that strive to take into  account  people's experiences and creative expressions  as valuable ways of understanding healing.   


                                      Fasciotomy,  2016 

                                      Fasciotomy,  2016 

DIY MFA @ Omni Commons

 I will be at the Omni Fair with DIY MFA as part of Open Engagement.  Come check out our pop up art show and talk about autonomous education without debt. April 29th  2016 10-5.