In the spirit of DIY Art School and Anti-Capitalist resource sharing, I have opened my secret garden work space for short term, self directed art residencies in N. Oakland/ Huichin.

If you are looking for a plant filled, quiet, private, outdoor place to focus, have dedicated art or thought work time, complete a specific project, paint a banner, write, draw, meditate, read, build a float, etc this could be the perfect DIY QTPOC backyard residency for you.

Offering access to:

  • A tiny DIY outdoor studio

  • A larger semi-covered outdoor workspace

  • Basic hand and power tools (instruction available)

  • Residency planning and support

  • Outside storage

  • Basic photographic documentation

  • Power Source

  • Wifi 

Accessibility information:  To reach backyard there is a high step from the street down a  narrow  uneven pathway.  The path and space are not wheelchair accessible.   There is occasional use of  scented paints and solvents outside.   

To apply please email your proposal including what you would like to do and when to Please reach out with any questions! <3